Our comprehensive course covers the basics of price action trading, forex charting, technical analysis, trader’s psychology and many other important subjects by our expert team.

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Our Partners

The Royal Institute of Business is a world class institute of business and education that offers a nurturing environment in which to learn and nurture individual skills. The institute provides in depth strong academic programmes and business skills that enables all our students to offer technologically excellent services in the world’s economy and inculcate innovation for self-reliance. The global economy is currently driven by entrepreneurship as a result of the educational empowerment the institute offers the youth through technological innovations

The Citel Institute of Business & Technology has gone a notch higher and introduced a competency based course in Application Development in partnership with Woodcrest Institute of Technology. The course aims to enrich online Forex trading trainees with prerequisite computer programming skills that will enable them create and configure trading algorithms (robots) – an automated way of executing trades. The program will as well technologically empower the trainees with the technical know- how on how to strategize, design and create mobile applications under the Android Framework.

This is the first non- dealing brokerage firm in Kenya to be regulated by the Capital Markets Authority (CMA). The company’s relationship with CITEL exposes our trainees to a trading platform, whose operations are within the control of Kenyan regulator, Capital Markets Authority (CMA).


CITEL boasts of qualified and experienced Forex Trading trainers. Their responsibility it is to interpret and disseminate relevant online Forex Trading content in line with the requirements of the curriculum. This consequently equip the trainees with skills that enable them access and execute trade winning trades.